The view outside my window was an odd one. The evening sky was dark, but the setting sunlight managed to illuminate all the buildings in the scenery; highlighting their forgotten importance.

I checked my phone. Hoping someone had remembered me in the last four minutes.

In the corner of the screen I saw my own number. I began to wonder if the single digits that made up my identity had fallen sick of each other over the years. Had the 8 become insecure about its body having spent so much time with 1?

And I’m sure 2’s relationship with 4 was reaching it’s peak. It was then that I realized how much I anticipated moving to another city.

Re: promise

When they perfect human cloning I will clone myself and ask her to kindly explai to me why the eff I started a Twitter.

Re: promise

The room changed colours. Black designs on the wall from the sound of the news that a long lost friend had passed away.

First Blawg Post

I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while but every time I open up my internet browser I end up watching cat videos. There is something really amusing about cats. Someone someday should do a research study on the fascination people have with cats.

OK, ‘nuff about the cats (for now). I finally decided to start up this blog thingy now. Not sure how often I’ll update it yet, seeing as I have quite a busy summer ahead of me. But I’ll try my best. I always find myself consumed by multiple overlapping obscure thoughts in a day and I have simply no one to tell.

But you should be warned: I AM NO GOOD AT ENGLISH. My grammer, sentence structure, usage of words sucks. It was one of the reasons (apart from the cat videos) that kept me from starting a blog. How can I articulate my thoughts without proper language use? Anyhow, perhaps my English is not as bad as I think it is. however, sometimes I’ll ramble on about things and I’ll be so focused on getting the idea out that I’ll lose some language rules in the processes. Wh00psies.

Until next time,


Re: clap for the wolfman

The children danced to the melody of that ol’song about poverty.

Re: glass half empty

instead of being content about all the people i did meet, i am sad about all the people i didn’t meet. WHY


The agony in the word less goodbye

Re: teenagers

Love comes packaged in a Lifestyles condom box.

Re: these kids are happy

These kids are too poor to tell they are eating expired bagels off paper towel sheets; They devour them like caviar on silver plates


those who begin to search for the meaning of life are essentially taking the first step to losing life’s meaning